Gusto È is tirelessly working on putting together the best menus to please your taste and let you experience the delicious and traditional Italian products and recipes we offer.

Our chefs will be offering you a regularly updated range of seasonal flavours and creations to combine with our closely selected wine list.



    • Antipasti

    • Parmigiana Sbagliata


      Deep fried aubergines, with bread, eggs and heart of smoked mozzarella

    • Bruschetta Pomodoro

    • Gamberi in Camicia


      Tiger Prawn wrapped in parma ham, and served on parmesan cream.

    • Pane e Gamberi


      Tiger prawns in garlic butter cream served with sheet of fried homemade bread

    • Caprese 250


      Bufala mozzarella dop served with plum tomatoes, evo, garlic, oregano and fresh basil.

    • Taglieri

    • Re Nero


      Top quality of various Italian black swine ham and salumi, with selection of corbarino tomatoes.

    • D.O.P


      Selection of D.O.P cured meat, with olive caiazzane and mousse of tomatoes

    • Tradizionale


      Selection of traditional cured meat and cheese selection, with caramelised onions and apricot compote.

    • Zuppe

    • Zuppa del Giorno


      Potato and leek, and oregano served with crispy bread

    • Primi di Pasta

    • Spaghetti Vongole


      Small clams, tomatoes confit, evo, basil, garlic

    • Scarpariello


      Corbarino tomatoes, parmesan cheese, evo and basil

    • Mezzo pacchero Gustoe’


      Tiger prawns, wild mushrooms, mascarpone cheese

    • Spaghetti Carbonara


      Original carbonara sauce with eggs, pancetta, parmesan cheese and black pepper.

    • Lasagna Napoletana


      Typical lasagna, with tomatoes sauce, mini meat balls, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese and parmesan.

    • Pizza

    • Pizza Margherita


      Tomato salsa, Mozzarella cheese, EVO and fresh basil

    • Pizza Veneziana


      Tomato salsa, Mozzarella cheese, EVO, ham and mushrooms

    • Pizza Capricciosa


      Tomato salsa, Mozzarella cheese, EVO, ham and mushrooms, olives, cappers, anchioves.

    • Pizza Diavola


      Tomato salsa, Mozzarella cheese, EVO, spicy salami, peppers, chilly oil

    • Pizza Meat Fiesta


      Tomato salsa, Mozzarella cheese, EVO, spicy salame, pancetta, ham, chicken

    • Calzone


      Folded pizza, tomato salsa, mozzarella, ham, mushroom

    • Pizza Fritta

      Deep fried square of pizza, covered with tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and basil

    • Pizze Gourmet

      Pizza Gourmet is a special pizza, prepared with a different method of maturation, served in a wooden dish, cut in six slices with a very special presentation and taste.

    • Pizza Caprese


      Plum tomatoes salsa, Bufala Mozzarella sliced, fresh tomatoes, Basil and Evo DOP

    • Pizza Cascata di Crudo


      Plum tomatoes salsa, Bufala Mozzarella, Parma ham, Rocket Parmesan shave, basil and Evo DOP

    • Pizza Lemon


      Bufala Mozzarella, Prawns, Smoked salmon, Lemon zest, Lemon slice, basil and Evo DOP

    • Pizza Gusto è


      Bufala Mozzarella, Corbarino Yellow, Corbarino Red, Pancetta di suno nero, basil and Evo DOP

    • Secondi

      Chicken supreme with mushrooms, saffron sauce and seasonal vegetables

    • Bistecca di Manzo


      Flat iron, served with caramelised onion in wine, and reduction of red wine sauce

    • Polpette al sugo


      Classic meatballs cooked in San Marzano tomato sauce, served with crusty bread

    • Cartoccio di Mare


      Fillet of seabass cooked in the oven with clams, plum tomatoes and garlic

    • Fish of the Week


      Grilled halibut served with plum Corbarino tomatoes, olive, capers and anchovies

    • Contorni

    • Patatine Fritte


      French Fries

    • Friarielli Saltati


      Sautéed broccoli leaves

    • Peperoni Gratinati


      Peppers au gratin

    • Inslata Mista


      Mixed side salad

    • Patate al Forno


      Italian roast potatoes

    • Spinaci


      Saute’ Spinach

    • Dolci

    • Tiramisu’

    • Special of the Week

    • Profitteroles

    • Gelato


      Italian ice cream : Vanilla, chocolate, tiramisu

    • Affogato al caffe


      Vanilla or tiramisu ice cream melted with espresso

    • Affogato Amaretto


      Vanilla or tiramisu ice cream melted with amaretto