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Il Mulino di Gragnano

Il Mulino di Gragnano
Mulino di Gragnano‘s begins with the encounter of five friends – Francesca, Raffaele Alfredo, Luigi e Agostino – in Gragnano, a small village in Campania. This pasta factory’s philosophy, is to simply produce the best Gragnano pasta – a longer, careful and slower process. Its taste and quality will surprise you.
All our formats are produced with the best durum wheat semolina derived from wheat of superior quality of the Italian cultivation. We have made a targeted choice of using exclusively Italian ancient wheat coming from the uncontaminated hills of the South Italy.
The dough passes through a drawing, strictly in bronze, to make this pasta, in all its formats, wrinkled: essential feature to enhance flavory sauces and condiments from our kitchen!

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